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You have the potential. We help you realise it. Make your world great with our world-class opportunities for students.

Create. Explore. Play. Innovate. Share great ideas. Inspire yourself and one another. Our student opportunities are tailor-made for uncovering and nurturing individual and collective flair. An environment perfect for unearthing talent, caring for it, allowing it to shine, and channelling it so that, eventually, it makes a real-world, real-life difference.

Welcome to the Kainos Academy.


Discover how you can use the power of AI and make your imagination your only limitation. Then put your new skills to the test and challenge yourself with our 12-hour hackathon.
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Learn how to code in just 10 days with help from the experts. Be a part of tomorrow’s digital world when you build apps and websites from scratch.
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Earn as you Learn

Gain a Computing Systems degree with real-world experience and let us pick up the tab with our unique apprenticeship.
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Work experience

Spend five days at Kainos finding out what it’s like to work in digital technology with a taste of everything we do.
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Placement scheme

Start a digital career that's as bright and agile as you are with our award-winning 7-week engineering Academy.
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Eamon c

“I took full advantage of Kainos Academy. I did my work experience at Kainos and then went to CodeCamp where I heard about the company’s Earn as you Learn scheme. I applied and got a place. It’s amazing – I got my tuition fees paid, a full salary and a job at the end of it. Altogether, it’s worth up to £100,000! In 2017, I got the chance to return to my Kainos Academy roots and coordinated CodeCamp. It’s been a whirlwind few years, and I’ve loved every minute.”

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Eamon Compston
Software Engineer

“I did my placement year here and was offered a full-time job upon completion of my degree. As a graduate at Kainos it’s safe to say I’ve achieved a lot. Since returning, I’ve project managed Kainos AppCamp, delivered Kainos A.I.Camp, trained our CEO in machine learning, and now I’m working with customers using new and exciting technologies.”

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Kelly Moore
Software Engineer