Care and continuity for our people and customers: COVID-19 updates from Kainos

Welcome. As well as working to ensure the ongoing health, safety and resilience of our people, partners and customers, we’re also using our expertise in technology to contribute where we can to the global effort to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This page will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments from Kainos during this challenging time.


From Face-To-Face To The Virtual Space

Since March, we have been adapting to working from home due to COVID – from the toilet paper panic to puppies appearing in meetings, it’s been a long journey that’s worth reflecting on.

Clare Buckley shares her experience of what it has been like working at Kainos over lockdown.


Case study. Kainos and Concardis: Enabling contactless payments remotely in the time of COVID-19

Kainos worked with Concardis in an agile way to pioneer their bespoke digital product, SmartPay, which is designed specifically to simplify face-to-face payments. It enables merchants to digitise their systems. reducing costs, and does
not require any physical interaction to set up. Read on to find out more.

14 JULY 2020

How Kainos Evolve has helped hospitals respond to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, we knew that our healthcare customers would be facing immense pressure and that it would be crucial for clinicians to quickly identify COVID-19 patients and easily capture and share relevant information.

Learn how we helped our Evolve customers utilise the features of the platform to efficiently identify and track COVID-19 patients throughout their episode of care.

29 JUNE 2020

COVID-19 project spotlight: Welsh Government Economic Resilience Fund Service

From policy decision to national-scale live operation in ten days: facilitating the Welsh Government’s £500m Economic Resilience Fund for businesses

12 JUNE 2020

Designing in times of crisis

We have a large design capability here at Kainos, and group sessions of research, analysis, collaboration, workshops and creative brainstorming sessions are a key part of our work.

In this free guide, our Design team offer some advice and tips on how to make remote sessions like these work, as well as ensuring all participants feel empowered to contribute.

13 MAY 2020

Could your website be making the impact of coronavirus worse?

Until now, people excluded from accessing goods and services online might have been able to access them in person or on the phone. Now, coronavirus means shops are closed, face to face services are scarce and helplines are jammed.  

In this piece, Bonnie Molins, Inclusive Design Principal at Kainos, stresses the need for digital services to be fully accessible now more than ever.

04 MAY 2020

COVID-19 project spotlight: NHS Digital – Isolation note service

Kainos worked with NHS Digital to build and deploy an online service enabling employees to generate isolation notes if they are affected by coronavirus.

The service was built remotely in just two weeks using adapted agile techniques, a Kanban delivery approach and mob programming.

22 APRIL 2020

Virtual planning at scale: a personal account

COVID-19 has challenged us to find new ways of planning for our largest distributed Agile engagements. Andy Scotland, Head of Delivery – Commercial Sector, shares how he organised and facilitated a remote customer planning event for 130+ people, saving £175,000.

Spoiler alert: we’re delighted that the customer now wants to make all further planning sessions remote.

16 APRIL 2020

A User Researcher in a lockdown world

Sara Mansell is a User Researcher at Kainos.

In this piece, she offers three helpful insights for conducting user research virtually and how to collaborate as a team to get the desired outcomes.

15 APRIL 2020

Leadership Lessons: What I learnt at the edge of the precipice

Life as we know it has changed fundamentally. What we took for granted just a few weeks ago are now things we yearn for. We’re facing challenges, both personal and professional, and having to adapt to change quickly.

Dougie Johnston, our IT Service Operations Manager, shares a personal account and practical tips on how he is navigating through this exceptional period of disruption.